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281. Proxy People

Proxy People

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Proxy People.

“Delegation” is a big issue for entrepreneurs, but really it is a big issue for any adult human being.

“No-one can do it as good as I can do it myself …” is the often heard cry from those who deem themselves unique and irreplaceable – and they may well be, but that complaint shows a weakness in their operations.

People who think and say that LACK the basic skill of creating “proxy people” – in essence, extensions of themselves who will do EXACTLY what they would do themselves!

The fabulous thing is that anyone can do that with an employee – but what it takes to make it happen that instead of a random person sitting at your desk, you get in essence a “mini copy” of yourself that answers the phone in your stead (by proxy!) is that YOU MUST KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU WOULD DO THAT THING.

If you know EXACTLY how you answer the telephone to a customer, what your own attitude is, what you say and what you want, THEN, and only then, can you create a “proxy person” who will do it on your behalf in return for payment.

Today’s exercise is to consider where you can use this principle to be much clearer with your existing staff about how you want certain things done, and also, how you can use this principle to find NEW proxy people so that you get to be in many places at the same time, but still doing YOUR OWN THING all the while!

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