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277. Wealth Around The Clock

Wealth Around The Clock

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Wealth Around The Clock.

This is a truly fascinating exercise that takes exactly 60 seconds and which will really wake up your neurology in more ways than you can imagine just yet!

And it is delightfully simple.

Find a blank wall to look at, or failing that, simply look straight ahead and beyond what is in front of you.

Envision a large old fashioned clock directly ahead of you, with the numbers marked out strongly in black on a white background.

Look exactly at the 12 o’clock position, keep your focus there and say, “I am wealthy,” as a powerful affirmation and statement should be said.

Now, and taking one deep breath in between each one, focus your eyes on the 1 o’clock position and repeat the affirmation, then the 2 o’clock position, until you have completed “wealth around the clock”.

A tip – don’t move your head. Let your eyes do the movements, that’s important in this exercise.


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