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276. Finding The Sweet Spot

Finding The Sweet Spot

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Finding The Sweet Spot.

In our drive to innovate and evolve, it can absolutely happen that we can evolve a system, a process or a product literally BEYOND THE POINT OF USEFULNESS.

All systems, no matter whether they are organic, electronic, interlectual, personal or material have an inherent “sweet spot” of optimal functioning.

If you lose that sweet spot, productivity and profits go DOWN instead of up.

This confuses people who think that if someone laughs about a joke about three camels, they will laugh ten times as hard when there are 30 camels involved instead.

Life doesn’t work like that AT ALL.

So today’s exercise is to take 60 seconds to sit back and think about any system in your business that used to work BETTER some time ago (and before numerous improvements were made!) than it does now, and if you find such a thing, to track back down these improvements until you get to the bifurcation point – where the system went BEYOND the sweet spot and performance went down, instead of up.

What do you have to do to put it back so it functions optimally again?

Your 60 seconds start right now …

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