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275. Ancestor Power

Ancestor Power

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Ancestor Power.

Most people look upon their ancestry as a bit of a burden, be that in the genetic sense or in the societal sense, or both.

However, there are always aspects of things that can be helpful – if we allow them to come forward specifically and shine, rather than either blanket-accepting or blanket-rejecting.

Today, I want you to tune into the powerfields of your ancestors, of your genetic heritage, of your background. Instead of your usual filters, I want you to make a strong filter that allows only POSITIVE and USEFUL traits that you have inherited, one way or the other, to come to your attention.

What did your ancestors have that you also have which, if you allowed yourself to accept it and use it, would HELP YOU TODAY in your business dealings?

This is a fascinating exercise, so take a deep breath, sit back and really gather up some of the extremely useful resources our “ancestry” has to offer.


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