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274. Mountain To Molehill

Mountain To Molehill

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Mountain To Molehill.

You’ve heard of folk making a mountain out of a molehill? Well today we’re going to reverse this time honoured strategy and make a mountenous problem become manageable.

Pick a “huge” problem – any huge problem you currently have and preferably one you have had for a very long time.

See it in front of you like a mountain. Take a moment to admire the true enormity of this huge problem, and to really appreciate for the last time just how small and useless you are when faced with this in comparison.

You got that? Very good.

Now you see the trick with the mountain/molehill deal is that you TWO movements to make it happen – either way.

In our exercise, we do it the right way round and as you observe the mountainous problem, you notice that it has begun to shrink somewhat – the tip of the mountain is not quite as high up on the horizon as it was just a few seconds ago.

But there’s something else as well – you seem to have grown proportionately LARGER and AT THE SAME TIME as the mountain is starting to shrink – those two processes are linked!


Keep your eye on the mountain as with every breath you take, IT SHRINKS and YOU GROW at the same time, until pretty soon, you are both of a height. Another breath and it is down at your waist – you are looking DOWN at the problem mountain that is not much more than a pile by now and one more breath still, in and out and we’re looking down on an annoying mole hill on the otherwise luscious lawns in the wide gardens of your life.

And why stop there?

Breathe again, we have the power, and it is as small as bunny droppings now – another breath, and it has entirely disappeared and the gardens are all that are left for you to enjoy now.

And what of the problem, you might ask?

Well – how do you feel about it now?

Very well done!

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