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271. 3 Point Rainbow Connection

3 Point Rainbow Connection

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: 3 Point Rainbow Connection.

Letโ€™s resolve some conflict today.

Pick three things that are vying for your time, attention or are in conflict with one another โ€“ family, fun and work for example, or pleasure, success and peace.

Pick them now โ€“ have you got three things?


Show me where you keep each one of these by pointing with your hand.

Now, and starting with the far left information field, draw a connection up and then down towards the central one, through the central one and up into the right one, back to the center , then down and up to close the circuit with the far left field.

This is in essence a movement like a figure of eight.

Repeat this movement three times, then stop. Take a deep breath in and out and make the same movement in reverse three times.

Take a moment to reflect how the three information fields have changed as a result, and how you feel different now.

Very good!


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