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269. Too Much “Busy” In Business?

Too Much “Busy” In Business?

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Too Much “Busy” In Business?.

There’s a difference between working with focus and fast in response to the demands of your customers and your business and “busy work”.

“Busy work”, which is working hard as well but really doesn’t produce any results and is just basically a waste of time, is the result of us getting stressed.

We get scared and then we need to do “something” in order to alleviate the stress – it’s the business version of the fight or flight response and “busy work” is the result.

You know you best of all, so here’s the question of the day:

What do you do when you are doing “busy work” instead of real work that will bring good results?

How does it start exactly?

And what are you going to do in future to stop yourself from starting to get involved with “busy work” and instead, de-stress for a moment, and then go on to do something more proactive from a clearer state of mind?

Essential wisdom for people in busy businesses!

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