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268. Dawn


Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Dawn.

We have worked hard and now it’s time for a lovely cooling, refreshing, calming and centring stress release meditation – much deserved!

In a moment, find yourself in a calm and wonderful place, with wide sweeping vistas, just at the edge of dawn.

It is very still here, misty, cool yet pleasant and you can breathe deeply here, be outside time, breathe in the moist and gentle air and as you do, all of you becomes calm in turn, you calm right down and become far more centred, more clear and lighter, the more you relax.

When the sun rises, you will be ready and willing to go forward with your work but that isn’t just yet; for now, stay here at the edge of dawn, with the skies subtle and gentle, and take this time to be relaxed, released, refreshed and re-charged in all ways.

Breathe deeply here and when you are ready, the sun will rise and you will awaken brightly to take your day and make the most of it.

Very, very nice indeed!

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