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267. Body Centers Affirmation

Body Centers Affirmation

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Body Centers Affirmation.

Affirmations are good and they are even better still when we can involve our bodies somehow in the process.

This exercise may be a little “twister” like, but it is fun and has its purposes on many different levels, so relax, have some fun and try it out.

First, choose an affirmation that rocks for you.

Not just, “I am wealthy,” but “I am fantastically, delightfully wealthy in every way!” if you know what I mean.

Pick something now.



Now, put your hands on the top of your head and say your affirmation with heart and soul, as though you were auditioning for a Hollywood movie or an advertisement and REALLY had to convince the audience that YOU MEAN BUSINESS!

Take a deep breath in and out, then place your hands on your forehead and say it again.

Place your hands on your cheek and say it again – keep your focus, make sure it really counts, every time!

Place your hands on your chest and say your affirmation with feeling.

Now place your hands on your stomach and deliver your affirmation from there.

Yes, now we’re placing our hands on our genitals and making the statement of intent.

Now, put your hands on your knees and say it again.

Finally, put your hands on your ankles and really work at getting this last one out perfectly clear and in spite of your position.

Stand up, clap your hands three times and – you are done!


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