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265. Feed Your Business

Feed Your Business

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Feed Your Business.

This is a wonderful metaphysical exercise today and a good opportunity for you to notice as well just how much better at doing these you have become over the course of our endeavour here.

Find yourself on a clear blue plane where you can see literally until eternity.

Call to you the energy of your business and have it appear before you as an energy field which corresponds exactly to your business and in essence, *is* your business.

Now spend your time here – and that can be as long as it needs to be on this plane and still only end up exactly 60 seconds somewhere else! – straightening and brightening this energy field, feeding it and giving it whatever it needs until it is shiny, beautiful and steady.

When you have accomplished that, set up a connection from you to the business field and back again so that it receives your guidance and then nourishes you in return.

Very well done!

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