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264. Shouting From The Rooftops

Shouting From The Rooftops

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Shouting From The Rooftops.

I love this exercise. For some people, it takes a bit of “jumping over your own shadow”, but I promise you you’ll be glad you did this wholeheartedly – it gives you a huge energy boost and makes you happy as well.

Imagine that you are standing on a rooftop and the city lies below you – this is a silent city, a listening city, one of many different inhabitants going about their business at the moment.

Now, take a deep breath and start shouting about your business.

Shout at the top of your lungs about what you have to offer, who that would be useful for, and let your voice ring out, really ring out and spread far and wide across the city, and beyond the city, across the lands.

Keep it up for the whole 60 seconds on full power and when you’re done, by all means, have a little victory dance on the roof top.

And believe me, if you do this right, you *will* be heard …

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