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262. Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Comfort Zone.

Everybody has their comfort zone, it’s true. But it is my guess that if people knew just how much they’re missing by staying inside their comfort zone, they would not think of it as so comfortable anymore, but more in terms of being in a hideous and very UNCOMFORTABLE prison, actually.

Imagine, if you will, that you are in a hot air balloon and you are now rising up from where you are so you can gain an overview.

Obviously, you are rising up and out of your comfort zone.

Don’t worry too much about what’s inside there, because you know that well enough.

Today, I want you to start looking at the boundaries of your comfort zone, and then beyond.

What can you see?

What attracts your attention, your fascination?

What is OUTSIDE of your comfort zone and thus, structurally out of reach until and unless you re-define your comfort zone?

And from up here, does your comfort zone still look that comfortable?

Or is it time to move the boundaries?

Your world – your decision …

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