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260. Rock’n’Roll Star

Rock’n’Roll Star

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Rock’n’Roll Star.

I heard a song the other day which was written by a young man who, at the time of writing it, was not yet a rock’n’roll star, but who did go on to become not only that, but also one of the greatest music legends of the 20th century.

The young gentleman in question is David Bowie, and the lyrics go as follows:

“I can go to sleep at night as a rock’n’roll star;

I can fall in love alright as a rock’n’roll star.”

Now whatever YOU want to be or become, the world’s greatest entrepreneur, a rock’n’roll star, the next JK Rawling or Oprah, Bill Gates or whatever, this is a great pattern to create reality with.

What is it like going to sleep at night as a (…)?

What is it like walking down the street as a (…)?

What is it like brushing your teeth as a (…)?

What is it like answering the phone as a (…)?

Let more of these questions come to you. They give you a real grounded sense of that which you want to achieve, and often lots of new ideas, and insights of how you have to do things differently if you want to be – a rock’n’roll star.

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