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259. More & Less

More & Less

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: More & Less.

One of the funniest things about people (and that includes you and me!) is that they know the answers to most of their problems and situations – only they usually don’t know they know.

This exercise is a classic example of this phenomenon, as you will see in a moment.

I am going to ask you two quesitons, and you will find that you absolutely know the answers already, knew them for ages but just didn’t think to act on that knowledge.

Let’s make your knowledge of this – and it is intimate knowledge about YOU and how you work! – actually come into consciousness and make it work for you as it should.



Name ONE THING that you should DEFINITELY do MORE of.


Now, name one thing that you should do definitely LESS of.


Do you admit that this is the truth?

And are you willing to act on this?

Very good indeed!

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