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256. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow …

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow …

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow ….

One of the biggest differences between very wealthy people and poor people that I have observed over the years is the ability to let go and move on.

You could call it transience in all things if you wanted to, or evolution.

I guess poor people have to struggle so hard to get anything, that they get deeply involved with every thing and make bonds that are then difficult to let go of.

These bonds are energetic, emotional in nature; they FEEL powerful and right, but they are in essence, illusionary.

For an adult to hang on to an old car, an old painting, an old machine, an old anything is just the same as for a small child to hang onto a teddy bear – once we understand that all and everything is transient, and our relationships with it are WHAT WE MAKE OF IT, we are free to move on.

So here’s todays exercise:

What may there be in your business you have lost perspective on and turned into some kind of ragged teddy bear that you have to keep carrying around, even though it is long past any practical use?

What thing, process, system are you clinging on to that is preventing you from moving on, moving forward and getting the wealth you deserve?

Think wealth – think EVOLUTION.

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