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255. Wealth & Relationships

Wealth & Relationships

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Wealth & Relationships.

The No.1 reason why people unconsciously sabotage their own wealth and progress in this life is because they don’t want to endager their social relationships – friends, family, husband or wife, peer groups.

For some reason, there seems to be a total brainwashed consensus that if you change your stars (your class, your wealth, your income, your ambitions!) everyone who previously loved you will just leave you in a jiffy, and you’ll be friendless, without a family, loveless and godless for good measure.

We may muse on the fact that this might well be one of those devices to keep people inside their social class from the days long gone, but either way, it is a powerful de-motivator indeed.

Today, we are going to wipe all of that old stuff away as though we were literally taking our entire person through a common sense car wash, high setting, and now, we are going to consider the following question for 60 seconds:

How are YOUR relationships going to SIGNIFICANTLY improve all around when you are wealthy, and will continue to improve even more, the more wealthy you become?

Answer this question in as much detail as you can.


Start now. This is one of the most important exercises you could ever do!

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