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252. Breathing New Life Into An Old Project

Breathing New Life Into An Old Project

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Breathing New Life Into An Old Project.

As we go through life and our business life, we start many projects along the way. Some make it, some don’t; some get forgotten, some just fade away into the mist of time; some just get too difficult and get put on a back burner, where they slowly boil dry and then we throw them away.

But you know, not all old projects are a waste of time.

Sometimes, there is a project which is perfectly good, more than that even, but it just wasn’t quite the right time for it at that time, or something else was missing that would have made all the difference.

There are many stories of records that bombed on their first release, and became international mega-hits five years later, just to give you an idea of what we’re talking about here.

I want you to sit back in a moment and consider some of your old projects, just to check if there’s something there that if it was tackled again now would actually be incredibly successful or have a good chance of doing something very positive indeed for you and your wealth.

Something that perhaps then, it wasn’t possible or the time wasn’t right, but now, it can be done and it would work.

Do you have such a project that might turn out to be a No. 1 hit on its second release?

Your 60 seconds start now …

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