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248. Having Your Heart In The Right Place

Having Your Heart In The Right Place

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Having Your Heart In The Right Place.

A curious exercise, but interesting in many different ways.

Is your “heart in the right place”?

Of course, I don’t mean your heart muscle – the heart we are talking about here is a part of your energy system and believe it or not, they can actually become slightly displaced for a number of reasons we don’t need to get into here.

Just play with this exercise and let it be what it wants to be, be relaxed and slightly curious as I ask the question, “Where is your heart of energy? Show me with your hands.”

Theoretically, it should be somewhere near the center of your chest and INSIDE of you.

Now if it isn’t, or you have a sense that it is a little off centered or too far back or in front, what we do is we don’t move the heart, but instead, we move the rest of ourselves AROUND so that we encompass the heart instead.

Move yourself until you have a real sensation that you have attained the correct RELATIVE position to your heart – and how does THAT feel?


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