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247. Stop Worrying

Stop Worrying

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Stop Worrying.

The other day, I was standing on a pavement outside the local post office and this old lady came by with her poodle. All around the base of the poodle’s tail and halfway up its back, there was red raw sore flesh, terrible!

“Eouwh!” I exclaimed against my will, “What on Earth is wrong with your dog?!”

“Oh,” said the old lady, “Yes, it is dreadful. It was just a little flea bite but he’s been worrying it, and worrying it, and now he’s on steroids and all kinds of creams and it just doesn’t seem to want to get any better …”

So I got thinking about how that isn’t just the poodle who does that kind of thing, but that we are dealing with a principle, a law of nature here.

You “worry and worry” ANY THING, and it’ll go from a tiny flea bit to a full blown nasty blistery madness that won’t even respond to healing creams any longer.

So let’s take the lesson from the poodle and today we shall ask ourselves, “What is it that I keep worrying about, and it isn’t getting better by worrying some more, but seems to be getting worse and worse?”

And when we have found such a thing, we do need to take the next step and that is to STOP WORRYING that.

Leave it alone. Do nothing at all which is better than worrying still further – and there may then be a chance for something good to come of it again eventually.

A valuable lesson indeed!

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