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245. Lesson Of The Month

Lesson Of The Month

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Lesson Of The Month.

One of the great opportunities these exercises offer is the space to stop, sit back and reflect for a moment on our progress and what has been happening.

This is important for our conscious mind to keep track on what is changing and to update our mental maps so they are useful and relevant to the here and now.

Today, I want you to cast your mind back over the month that has just been.

Many days in a month, many hours and there were so many things you thought about, discussed, planned, executed. So many surprises and strange events – a lot has happened in this past month.

Out of all those things, what was THE most important life lesson for you to have learned, understood and remembered?

And HOW did this lesson change you, and change your future as a result of having learned it?

Very valuable!

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