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244. Environmental Refresher

Environmental Refresher

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Environmental Refresher.

Something simple and wonderfully relaxing, refreshing and recharging today!

Take a deep breath through flared nostrils, sit up straight or stand up if you wish.

Spread your arms awide, palms up.

Look up to the sky beyond any ceilings and call a fresh, bright spring wind into the room.

Invite it, want it, call it with all your heart.

Feel it come and blow away stale energies from this room, from this house or building, rushing and swirling brightly, strongly.

Sense the scent of spring, of lightness, joy, of growth and green, lusciousness, abundance of food and beauty too, beginnings, brightness, LIFE.

Have this happen for the whole 60 seconds, then thank the universe with a bow of your head and relax back.

Now, how do you feel?

How does the room feel?

Excellent work!

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