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242. Evidence Of Evolution

Evidence Of Evolution

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Evidence Of Evolution.

I don’t know about you, but I often feel as though I’m on a never ending learning curve. I always seem to be a struggling beginner! There I was, proud to have worked out how to programme my VCR, and now they’re redundant and gone, and I’m trying to figure out how to work my computerised satellite hard drive machine – back to square one again!

No matter what business you are in, I bet there is an explosion of material, development, innovation, changes of all kinds and it seems a struggle to keep up.

So once in a while, it does well to sit back and make sure we know just how far we’ve come – it’s the new struggles that take all our attention, not where we have successfully conquered or learned something, and this leads to an imbalance when it comes to self esteem and particularly, personal progress.

Today, I want you to consider three things that used to seem so difficult and impossible, and YOU LEARNED HOW TO DO THAT, and now, you can do it well and without even thinking about it.

What have you learned in the last three years – what is your “evidence of evolution”?

Consider this carefully and by all means, be proud of yourself that you have achieved these things. And by all means, allow yourself to understand that today’s challenges are exactly the same, and they too will be overcome, and the time WILL come where you will look back upon these things, and you will have learned them, and are able to do those well, as well.

Three things to find and congratulate yourself on – starting right now!

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