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241. In Between Space Relaxer

In Between Space Relaxer

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: In Between Space Relaxer.

Today, we have a pleasant relaxation exercise for your body and your mind.

In a moment, sit back, close your eyes and consider for a moment how your body is made up of matter in motion โ€“ it all comes down to a few elements that combine to make all the complex structures of our physicality.

We are made up of atoms, and you know, those particles have enormous spaces between them.

We are made up of far more space than we are made of matter, one might say.

Let your consciousness simply move away from what there is, and reside for a time in those in between spaces and where there isnโ€™t anything โ€ฆ other than resonance, potential, space in the true sense of the word.

Breathe calmly and enjoy the sensation of the space that is your space for as long as you like, then return and continue in your own time.

Very good!

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