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240. Handling The Egg Day

Handling The Egg Day

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Handling The Egg Day.

In my parents restaurant, there was a fascinating phenomenon that would happen every so often – not very often, but sometimes it did.

What happened was that when trying to crack an egg into a pan to make a fried egg, the yoke would break.

Now this is something that does happen anyway once in a while, but normally, you just get another egg and that will be alright.

But on an “Egg Day”, one egg after the other would break, no matter how carefully they were cracked open, and no matter how many different people tried.

We would literally go through a whole palette of eggs before a single one was usable.

What is that? How does something like that happen?

To be honest, I don’t know. It could be cosmic weather that throws us slightly out of sync; times where the usual 50% chance to get something right is unbalanced and if something can go wrong, it will on these rare occasions.

After some years and a number of Egg Days had passed, we just accepted that this would happen once in a blue moon and didn’t worry about it anymore. It didn’t mean anything about our egg-cracking abilities, it was just “one of those things”.

So today, just sit back and remember the last time you had a real Egg Day. Look particularly for any unjust decisions you may have made about yourself or what you were doing back then, and revoke them.

Egg Days happen. The universe is a mysterious place and to think that we can control everything all the time is a total illusion and can be bad for your health – as is thinking that you did something wrong, when it was only …

… an Egg Day!

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