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239. Unconditional Sales

Unconditional Sales

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Unconditional Sales.

Something amusing today – now what might the concept of “unconditional sales” be when it’s at home, we might ask ourselves?

Well, it is like unconditional love – it’s UNCONDITIONAL.

People who sell things, and every business sells things, can go a whole lot further and sell a whole lot more if they stop JUDGING THE CUSTOMERS and consciously or unconsciously stop excluding certain types of customers from being “allowed” to purchase the product.

Today, I want you to go inside and honestly have a think of where you have judged and found certain types of customers not worthy to receive your wonderful product or service.

Who “isn’t” your product or service for? Who doesn’t deserve it? How have you excluded certain types of customers from your advertising and marketing? And what would happen if you started to sell “unconditionally”?

A very, VERY interesting exercise!

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