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238. Bye Bye Mr Poor!

Bye Bye Mr Poor!

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Bye Bye Mr Poor!.

This is a great application of the “multiple personality” pattern and good fun to boot.

As you know, there are “parts” of us, aspects of us, who can hold quite divergent opinions on the same topic. Which leads to “parts conflicts” and incongruency, second guessing yourself, inability to make decisions and then some.

I have found that if you give those parts what they want, they go away and simply don’t trouble you anymore.

As you are doing a wealth improvement course, there must be a part of you, I called them Mr Poor, who doesn’t want to be wealthy for whatever reasons – or else you would be a multi-millionaire already!

Now for some, Mr Poor is a highly spiritual monk; for others, he’s a hippie who just wants to live off the land; for others yet again, it is a “child within” who wants to play rather than work. It varies from person to person.

Here’s what we do.

In a moment, sit back, and call your own Mr Poor to mind. Then give them permission to go off and live in an imaginary world of their choosing – the monk can go to a monastry, the hippie can live in the garden of Eden, and the child can go play forever, if that’s what makes them happy.

It feels really neat when they rush off and it’s a much better option than trying to argue with our aspects – just give them what they want and we’re all much better off.

Alright – 60 seconds starts right now!

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