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237. A New Saucepan

A New Saucepan

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: A New Saucepan.

Today, I bought myself a new saucepan. The one I had for frying eggs was years old, all the Teflon had long, long worn away and every time I made a fried egg, it ended up a mess; the yoke would break, and then I would have to laboriously scrape all the burned on egg out of the pan afterwards with a scourer.

How long had that been going on?

Two years? Maybe more?

The new saucepan cost me ยฃ7, that would be about $15 dollars.

What was I thinking? What was I doing? WHY did I suffer for so long with an unsuitable and clearly worn out TOOL that had long ceased doing the job it was supposed to do?

We cannot know; but instead, let my madness be a lesson to us all and stop, take a deep breath and look around in your environment, check for your own versions of my saucepan.

Take a 60 second inventory of your TOOLS and find at least one that if you replaced it immediately, would make a lot of difference to your overall sanity and productivity indeed!

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