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234. Ditch The Losers

Ditch The Losers

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Ditch The Losers.

In every business, there are aspects that consistently outperform others. These might be products or activities you do which always and reliably produce results; they are easy for you to initiate and control, and they bring rich rewards.

Conversely, there are also aspects of your business which reliably UNDER-PERFORM โ€“ they are hard work, or difficult, and they do NOT bring ready rewards, praise and further opportunities.

Letโ€™s simply ditch the losers.

You have 60 seconds to sit back, sit right back in fact so you can see the bigger picture and you are not so personally involved any longer, and take a good hard look; find the losers and in particular, find one loser we can ditch today and make your business and your life a much, much happier and more profitable place.

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