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229. RIP Horsey

RIP Horsey

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: RIP Horsey.

Flogged any dead horses recently?

One of the worst things in business happens when the owner has made up their mind about some aspect and stick to this rigorously – even when reality is desperately trying to teach them a lesson.

The problem with flogging a dead horse is not so much that it doesn’t do any good. The problem is that the flogging costs time, effort and money – which should be spent elsewhere with much more profit, and to the benefit of the entire business and its owner.

Today, let us honestly consider the following.

Is there any part of your business that isn’t pulling its weight?

Things you keep around because you can’t say goodbye, even though their time has been and gone?

Anything that simply does not work, but you weren’t ready to admit that the original idea was flawed, there is something wrong with it or you were just plain wrong in the first place?

Find a dead horse, and lay it to rest.

I promise, you’ll feel better for it afterwards :-)

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