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228. Taking Your Wealth To The Next Level

Taking Your Wealth To The Next Level

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Taking Your Wealth To The Next Level.

This is an interesting exercise and another one of these “threshold busters”.

Now those who strive for wealth (or health, or happiness, or even love, it matters not for this is structural!) have of course a pre-defined idea of what that is.

This is usually based on where you started from.

So, if you grew up living in the gutter and chased rats for food as a kid, your idea of wealth may be being able to afford a take out and eat it standing up in the rain.

Alternatively, if your business is small, new or struggling along, the idea of wealth may be the same business in slightly larger premises with a better turnover and more profit.

But wherever you are, and whatever your current goal is, what might be the NEXT LEVEL of your business?

The one beyond the current idea of “wealth”?

If you find that difficult, think of someone who is in a similar market than you are but in a different league altogether to give you some guidance on that.

Spend our 60 seconds simply exploring that “new wealth territory” and getting a sense of what that is – and bring back a sense of what has to happen now to make it happen.

Why not, indeed?

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