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227. Someone Loves Me …

Someone Loves Me …

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Someone Loves Me ….

I heard a song the other day which has the line in it, “Someone loves me … I wonder who?”

It occurred to me how neat that was as a presupposition or a starting idea.

Imagine you were walking around the street with that thought in mind, looking curiously at people, wondering, “Is it you today? Or you?”

It is a totally different world from going out with “Nobody loves me …” or “I wonder if I’ll ever find the one …” as you can imagine.

This pattern is global and of course, you can use it for wealth and business, it works just the same to open channels of activity that would otherwise have remained closed.

“There is a great supplier for me out there … I wonder who it is …”

“There is a hungry market for my product … which market might that be …”

“There are customers who’d love my services … which ones are they …”

Try this great “Somebody loves me … I wonder who …” pattern on something that’s important to you; your 60 seconds start right now.

Very interesting!

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