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225. Time Tunnel

Time Tunnel

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Time Tunnel.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the concept of the “time line” as a representation of a person’s path in life, from conception to the now, and the now always moves in the direction of the future.

Today, we’re going to take a superfast autogenic trip through our own personal time tunnel instead – we’re going inside your time of life and rather than stopping and staring at this or that, we’re going to rush right through it and out the other side, really fast and with a woosh! of energy.


In a moment, stand in the now, and turn around so you face the past. You might notice that the now is liquid beneath your feet, a flow rather than a road made of rock, and that’s how it should be.

The past is a long ribbon tunnel that extends from here to the moment of your conception in this life; we’re going to travel through that tunnel and as we do, and because of the speed in which we do this, we are going to leave behind a sparkling wake, a trail of fairy dust to refresh, brighten and also to reconnect all the times of your life, without prejudice and without exceptions.

Take a deep breath, look straight forward now and launch yourself at full speed into your time tunnel.

Keep your speed, indeed, increase it so the days and months and years just FLASH by as you go, good and ill just the same, and aim towards the starburst explosion at the beginning of your time tunnel, that moment when you burst into existence on this plane.

Rush straight into and through that wonderful starburst and out into the endless space beyond all times and there, rest just a while before you come right back, to here, and now.

This is a very advanced exercise, so congratulations on having a go!

Well done!

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