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221. Responsibility, Relieved

Responsibility, Relieved

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Responsibility, Relieved.

Something that “weights heavily” on people’s metaphorical and energetic shoulders is the concept of responsibility.

It is true that someone who runs a business or “is responsible” for many things, including themselves, a family, and potentially all kinds of others does have certain responsibilities and they must carry them, and fulfill them appropriately.

However, I’m sure you know people who take on WAY, WAY too much responsibility for all and everything, and it causes them to be in a constant state of flap and high stress; even when someone comes along and offers their help, they’ll reject it, often on the grounds that “If you don’t do it yourself, it won’t get done properly …” which is an insult to everyone around them as well as making their lives needlessly hard.

So today, we’re going to contemplate what “responsibilities” we can let go off, to relieve the overall burden.

Take 60 seconds and look around for any responsibilities that you have been carrying which you don’t need to, and which actually would benefit everyone if you let go of that, right now, and no longer burden yourself with that.


Go find at least one of those superfluous burdens, right now!

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