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220. Specific Affirmations

Specific Affirmations

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Specific Affirmations.

We have already talked about the power of “willful affirmations” and today, I want us to consider these kinds of affirmations, but on a more precise and practical level.

I am sure you have a project you are currently working on, and I’d like you to think of that project, its challenges, your expectations for it and so forth for a moment.

Now, I want you to pick one precise affirmation which is custom made for that project and SPECIFIC to an aspect of it where you might feel it needs more help.

For example, if you were writing a book and you are stuck on Chapter 7, such an affirmation would be:

“Chapter 7 will complete easily and perfectly. That is my will.”


Find a specific, positive affirmation for your work, append to it “This is my will”, and say it out aloud three times.

Very good!

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