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218. Effortless


Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Effortless.

Some things in life seem to require more effort than others, and they leaves us drained and tired afterwards, and might make us procrastinate before we even start to do these things as well because we perceive them to be painful and “hard work”.

Interestingly enough, effort is a personal matter.

I would consider climbing up a mountain with a big backpack to be the epitomy of hideous hard work and effort, but actually, there are people out there who consider that to be “fun”.

It’s just a matter of attitude, I guess …

Today and in a moment, I would like you to consider something that is a major effort to you and that manifests as painful and hard work that you would rather avoid.

Spend 60 seconds contemplating this, and actively come up with some ideas as to how you can make that activity far more effortless and easier on yourself.

Ready? Time starts now …

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