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217. Choices


Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Choices.

A really interesting thing to know about ourselves is just how we make choices and decisions.

Here is a very neat exercise that brings out our processes of choosing into the open, and adds a little something in the course of events as well.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, that you have gained access to a magic room and inside this room, there is a table.

On the table there are three golden fat bellied bottles.

Before each one, a nicely printed label tells you what the contents are in large print so you can see it from where you are standing.

The first is labelled wealth, the second is labelled health, and the third is labelled love.

Now, take a step back and observe yourself as you go through the process of choosing one of these three.

Have you made a choice?


Now, put your hand in your pocket.

Interestingly, you find that you have thought to bring a small cup.

Now go, and from each bottle pour an equal measure into your cup.

Step back, raise your cup in a toast and drink it.


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