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216. A Gift For The Poor

A Gift For The Poor

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: A Gift For The Poor.

Today, we have a fascinating brief meditation for those fellow human beings less fortunate in their circumstances than ourselves.

There are a lot of poor people on this planet, and when I mean poor, I donโ€™t particularly mean the recipients of social aid in the developed world, but those who do not have food stamps, free medical care, housing, or free education.

I mean the people who are really struggling with their own two hands, their bodies and their minds, in often hostile environments and under excruciatingly difficult circumstances, to procure survival from one day to the next.

There are many millions, and I want you to be brave, take heart, and tune into THAT for a moment.

Donโ€™t become overwhelmed by the magnitude of this, hold yourself steady and accept it, feel it, understand what that is.

Now, if you had it in your power to give, I want you to consider what you might give to these to help them at the metaphysical level.

This can be a prayer, a gift, a quality or an essence โ€“ take your 60 seconds now, and make that gift.

Thank you.

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