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214. The Serenity Cloak

The Serenity Cloak

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: The Serenity Cloak.

A wonderful magical exercise this is, a dress up exercise that speaks to many parts of us and feels very, very nice indeed; it can come in handy in the field to have such a thing stashed away in the back of your mind should you need to use it.

In a moment, stand up, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Hold out your hands and call for the cloak of serenity to be delivered to you.

First, you can feel a tingling your hands and then you get the sensation of fine, light, silky material.

Now, gently and carefully, place the cloak of serenity around your own shoulders. Adjust it so it flows freely and hangs properly.

If you wish, you can pull up the hood and cover your head and brow with it as well.

Notice how this cloak of serenity affects you, makes you feel safe, calm and very protected without hindering your movements, or ability to see and act in the slightest.

Spend a time just being there, make a few movements if you will to feel it flow with you and enjoy these sensations and this state of mind.

When you are ready, let the cloak fold in on itself and keep it in a place where you can easily find it, should you need to use it again.


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