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213. Temporal Stability

Temporal Stability

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Temporal Stability.

Have you ever been, or ever met anyone, who is “out of sync” with their own time?

Stuck in the past, or floating around in an imaginary future whilst today is going to pieces?

It’s most noticeable in children who dream of being grown ups, and old people who dream of their youth, but most people have a tendency to be unbalanced either towards the future, or towards the past, in consciousness.

The following exercise corrects this imbalance; but I will make the note that this is not a “one time fix” and it might be necessary to remember this exercise and do it again if stress pushes you off the center of temporal stability.

It’s quite simple.

Stand up, make sure you have a little space to move in front of you and behind you.

Close your eyes.

Imagine you are standing on a see saw, a simple playground see saw with a single beam supported by a single pivot point.

The future is before you, and the past is behind you.

Which way to you have to move on this see saw to find that perfect center of weightlessness that exists when your are exactly on the pivot point and the see saw is in perfect balance?

Find the pivot point.

Stand there and notice just how freeing and excellent it feels to be there, and make the statement to yourself, “This is the perfect place in time for me.”

Enjoy this at any time you want to!

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