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212. Object And Domain

Object And Domain

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Object And Domain.

Today’s exercise is one in developing faster speeds when computing with image based systems in your head.

It is a fact that we could think much, MUCH faster than we do and “cover a whole lot more ground” much more easily – if we weren’t sort of stuck with the slow speed of talking in sentences, one word after the other, tick tock …

We are going to use the “object and domain” exercise for this, and you get to pick your own object to start it off.

We start with one object, which “evokes the domain” from whence it comes.

For example, if you start with a car in the center of a nothingness, the following happens:

A car needs a ROAD.

A road needs GROUND.

Ground comes from a LANDSCAPE.

The landscape lives within a COUNTRY.

If this was an image being painted by an artist in fast time, you would see all the other components of the domain arriving because they have to be there else the whole domain would not work.

Now, instead of the car, choose your starting object and follow the same process until you get to the bigger picture.

Very good!

And now, to the point of the exercise.

Do it AGAIN with another object, and this time, make this domain unfoldment at least three times as fast.

And one more time, and this time, a straight and instantaneous jump from the object, to the entire complete domain!

Very good!

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