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210. Prohibitively Expensive!

Prohibitively Expensive!

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Prohibitively Expensive!.

I’ve heard one of the Internet Marketing greats say, when asked if they could do it all over again and if they had just one thing they would have done differently and they said, “I would have a charged a ****lot more for EVERYTHING!”

Especially those amongst us who come from humble beginnings have a skewed idea of the prices they should charge for their goods and services – skewed towards the “I can’t afford that, it’s way too much!” end of pricing, that is.

Let’s just check this and repair it, if necessary.

Think of any object or service that actually exists, and that costs an exorbitant amount of money, and that YOU would NEVER in a month of Sundays purchase because you would consider the price excessive and a waste of money.

Got such a thing?


Now, step outside yourself for a moment and observe the kind of people WHO ARE ACTUALLY BUYING EXACTLY THAT.

Watch a transaction for that object or service being completed, the money changing hands in some fashion, and the buyer and seller both being absolutely delighted.

Just for a moment, muse on what both parties got out of this transaction, then return back to your own self.


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