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21. These Wealthy Hands …

These Wealthy Hands …

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: These Wealthy Hands ….

This is fun, kinaesthetic and brings our whole body to this wealth and happiness party. Even if you’re not feeling on top of the world today, have a go – I promise it will cheer you up.

Touch your head with your hands and think or say:

This is my clever, wealthy head. This is the head of a very rich man!

Continue on and make it up as you touch your self:

Acute ears, listening out for opportunity and success!

Brilliant eyes that see abundance in all things!

A wealthy nose for success!

My rich mouth, tasting the very best the world has to offer!

My strong shoulders and my powerful arms, ready to embrace my riches!

Productive, industrious wealthy hands and fingers!

A stomach for ingesting and digesting wealth and prosperity!

A rich man’s bottom!

Rich, rich legs, walking me towards a fantastic future on abundant feet!

How’s that? You can play this under the shower too and add as many body parts as you desire

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