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209. Green With Envy

Green With Envy

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Green With Envy.

I saw a reference to the common term that is the title of today’s exercise and I thought it might be fun to have a go at a chameleon-type colour change exercise for our energy body or our aura.

So, think of a situation, an occurrence, a person even that always makes you personally “turn green with envy”.

Remember that situation fully, step into it, right into it and on this occasion allow yourself to really have that green flood all over you and all through you, don’t fight it for once, let it be what you know it really is.

You completely green yet?

Go on, let it flow right through every part of your system until you really and truly are, completely green from head to toe.

Now, let’s not linger in this state but move on to what comes after green if you just let it go on flowing … look down at yourself, and notice your hue changing, into a rather pleasant spring green that is soon enough turning into yellow, then a golden yellow …

I know this is a fascinating thing to observe, but look up at the situation now that used to cause you to “turn green with envy” as you cycle into orange, and red, and violet, ultraviolet …

Now the colours are gone, you’re back to normal and how do you feel now in the same situation?

Isn’t that just NEAT?

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