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208. Reservoir Of Strength

Reservoir Of Strength

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Reservoir Of Strength.

It is a well known fact that people in time of extreme danger, need, accident, tragedy or cataclysm become aware that they actually have abilities, qualities and “reservoirs of strength” they never knew they had.

Thus, many come back from such an experience and say, “Damn! If I had only known that I have that much (courage, strength, determination, problem solving skill, leadership ability etc. etc.), I wouldn’t have spent the last 15 years pumping gas and thinking I was an idiot!”

There is huge merit in learning such things about ourselves BEFORE we get involved in any further major disasters, so today I want you to spend 60 seconds and actively look for these reservoirs of strength that have not yet been discovered, simply because you’ve never been in a situation where they would have been required.

Fly high above yourself, let your energy mind guide you towards such a “strength field”, and be prepared to be very, very surprised by what you find.

60 seconds, starting right …


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