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206. Roast Rats On A Stick!

Roast Rats On A Stick!

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Roast Rats On A Stick!.

The title for this exercise and the exercise itself derives from a real life situation, where someone was very depressed in the work they were doing and wanted nothing more than being away from all of that, but their family put this immense pressure on them to stay and complete the entire lengthy course of training.

The main reason cited for this was that should “the worst come to the worst”, the person would always have their qualifications to fall back upon.

That sounds reasonable, but I remember crying out, “What does that mean, when the worst comes to the worst? After a nuclear holocaust? And there’s someone selling roast rats on a stick? There’s this huge crowd of starving survivors gathered around, and they’re making offers of trade – “I’ll give you my virgin daughter!” – “I’ll give you a sackload of jewellry!”

And what are you going to shout?

Wave your certificate in the air and go, “I have an IT qualification!”

HOW exactly is THAT going to help “when the worst comes to the worst”?

The person in question laughed heartily and resigned that very day – and is much happier now in a different career altogether.

The point of this exercise is however, for us to consider just what qualities we have that would stand us in good stead “when the worst comes to the worst”, such as in the roast rats on a stick scenario.

These qualities are NOT certificates or university qualifications; the qualities you need to survive and thrive are inside you, and a part of you, and the most important part of you, indeed.

What qualities do YOU have that will be your saving grace “when the worst comes to the worst”?

Your sixty seconds start now …

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