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205. A Soothing Presence

A Soothing Presence

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: A Soothing Presence.

Stress is one of those things. It creeps up on you unnoticed, unnoticeably, in small incremental steps all throughout the day, and build and builds – unless and until you stop, take a moment to step back and center in yourself.

It is then that you actually realise how tense and tight you have become, and how you’re running on Adrenaline rather than on delightful internal power instead.

Today’s stress reducer is of a different nature than what is usually prescribed. It’s very beautiful actually, and I recommend you remember this, and you take it with you beyond these daily exercises as will come in handy in “the real world”, time and time again.

In a moment, close your eyes and let your energy mind (unconscious mind) find you a soothing presence.

What this means is to have someone or some thing come to you and be in the room with you, and just by being there, you feel a sense of relief, of not being alone, and of strength, renewed.

This could be a person you know or once knew; an animal; a natural manifestation such as a large beautiful tree or a waterfall; even an object, a sculpture, a piece of rock – it doesn’t matter what it is, but what matters is that it is a soothing presence FOR YOU.

You don’t have to talk to it, or interact with it.

It can just be there to give you strength and reduce your stress right here and at this time.

Please go right ahead and invite your soothing presence to come to you, right now.

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