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204. Instant Energy Generator

Instant Energy Generator

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Instant Energy Generator.

This is really good fun and an exercise that brings the whole body, mind, energy system and everything into play if you will let it do so.

First, let’s ask a question.

On a scale of ten to zero, zero being dead and ten being totally energised to the degree that you’re buzzing around on the ceiling, how energised to you feel right now?

Accept the first number that comes to mind.

Now in a moment, stand up.

Ask in turn various parts of your body to make a contribution to your overall energy levels, like this:

“Feet, what can you do to increase my energy?”

Your feet will start to make movements, your toes might even start to wriggle, and you can get a sense of energy starting to move in your legs.

Go through whatever parts of your body you would like to engage – “Neck, what can you do to increase my energy levels?” – “Hips, what can you do?” – “Hands and fingers, what can you do?”

Keep it up for a full 60 seconds – and prepare to be surprised!

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