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203. Trust


Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Trust.

I wanted to do an exercise on the concept of trust – trusting yourself, trusting others, trusting your decisions. I thought about it for a time and the following exercise came to mind.

It’s a metaphor!

Alright, imagine you are standing in a winter landscape, warmly dressed for the occasion, and it is a lovely day, clear blue sky and everything looks amazing with a covering of pure white snow.

In front of you and a little to the right, there is a frozen lake.

Very inviting!

Take a look and ask yourself if you trust this lake to take your weight.

There is no right or wrong answer, just accept your intuition on the topic.

Now, let’s go to the lake.

Climb down the bank and place your foot on the ice, close to the edge.

Step onto the lake.

Now listen, and feel in a different way.

What are your feet telling you about the ice? What sensations are being transmitted through your muscles, your spine.

Listen. What can you hear?

Look down. What can you see?

And now, I can’t tell you – all the many very different people from all around the World! – what to do next. Some of you might be able to walk out onto the lake and have some fun doing that. For some, this lake clearly isn’t safe and won’t support your weight. For others, it seems safe enough this close to the edge where the ice is always the thickest but might not be when you get further out.

Regardless of which one of these it was for you, sit back for a moment and contemplate the concept of trust for 60 seconds.


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