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202. Est. 1559

Est. 1559

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Est. 1559.

Somebody gave me a box of chocolates today – and very nice they were, too! – and as I took them and looked at the box, I was just completely captivated by the fact that the logo of the manufacturer had underneath it:

“Est. 1559”

I’m not kidding.

I will tell you, that blew me away.

I thought that was absolutely amazing.

See they can’t print that unless there’s been some proof that there has been a business of that name established since then, it would be against European law.

I think this is an interesting case study for us to contemplate today, so let’s spend our 60 seconds today just wondering what it was about this company that made it last for all this time?

What do you think were the “ingredients” that allowed a business first registered in 1559 to be still around today, and presumably still profitable?

Is there something you can take from that, and apply it to your own affairs?

Have a 60 second think …

“Long term success and short term success need not be mutually exclusive …” SFX

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