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201. 20-20 Vision

20-20 Vision

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: 20-20 Vision.

The kind of vision a person experiences in their “ordinary” life has immense impact on their “expectation of vision” when it comes to real vision – perceiving patterns, using your mind’s eye, creating goal thoughtfields, creating the future.

However, your “hard” vision is NOT linked to your shamanic or prophetic vision at all; it is just old habits of seeing in a certain way that take over.

So today, those of us who have any kind of vision troubles will learn to view in the non-ordinary realms with exquisite clarity; and those who think they already experience exquisite clarity, I want you to ask for MUCH MORE clarity of vision.

We shall stand on a hilltop, overlooking a valley that lies below us. It is a sweeping, far valley that stretches all the way to the blue mountains in the distance.

There are rivers in the valley; brooks and hills, forests, a town or two, and I would like you now to sweep the valley, starting from looking right down below where you stand, slowly outwards, keeping your vision CRYSTAL CLEAR all the while, for in these realms, there is no distance, and your focus is not achieved by squinting your eyes.

Let your attention and your vision travel across the valley, all the way, noting detail in perspective as your gaze sweeps the land like a lighthouse beacon and whilst you remain still on the hilltop, all the way, all the way until you reach the mountains and every detail is there for you, as well as the bigger picture.


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